Inside Out no. 3: Quotations and Thinking

Who are you without your biographical information? – Rev. Wendy Vie

We must always grasp for what we cannot reach, knowing that the grasping itself is enough. – Joan Chittister

Fundamentalism isolates a few things and removes them from relationships to everything else – past, present, and future. – Rev. Wendy Vie

What will you have? Quoth God; pay for it and take it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson in You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe

When babies are born, everything unattended in the previous generations cries with them. – Rev. Wendy Vie

If our religion is based on salvation, our chief emotions will be fear and trembling. If our religion is based on wonder, our chief emotion will be gratitude. – Carl Jung

No magic, yet transformation
No miracles, yet healing
No experts, yet wisdom
No destiny, yet new life
No secrets, yet mystery
No quick fixes, yet growth
No consensus, yet integrity
No dogma, yet truth

– Rev. Wendy Vie

Is something like before-times normalcy still coming, or will Americans have to negotiate a permanently changed reality? Will we recognize that new normal when it gets here, or will it be clear only in hindsight? – Amanda Mull in The Atlantic

“Who do you think you are?”
Growing up in the Midwest, it has taken a lifetime for me to hear that question positively. – Rev. Wendy Vie

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