What is Spirituality?

Recently, I asked a colleague, “What is spirituality?”

“Everything,” he responded.

Yes, spirituality is everything.

Spirituality is you living your life. It is your relationship with the divine, God, and universe – however, you understand what is beneath and beyond human life and the world.

There are many, many understandings of spirituality and the divine. In creating Inside Out Spirituality, I’ve attempted to clarify spirituality by defining and holding the major pieces together.


Self is the doing part of you. It’s your daily life. Self is your inner life of thoughts and feelings, the messages from your brain and body, memories and history, and everything that is uniquely yours. Even more, self is your outer world of relationships with others, including family, friends, co-workers, organizations, groups, society, and the world.


The soul is your being. It’s the grounding and depth beneath your inner life. Your soul is also your unconscious and subconscious, and your connection to creation and all that is universally human.


Spirit is your becoming. It is the heights beyond your outer world. Your spirit is also your hopes and aspirations. Spirit is self-actualizing, simultaneously selfless, transforming, and your connection to the universe.


The divine permeates and transcends your life and all life. It’s known to us in liminal spaces – the depths of soul and heights of spirit. You have a mature and adult-like relationship with the divine as you co-create your life and our world.

Spirituality is the ongoing practice of

  • Integrating your inner life and the depths of your soul.
  • Connecting and aligning your inner life and outer world.
  • Integrating your external world and relationships with your aspirations and spirit.
  • Co-creating with the divine your life and our world.
  • Everything is part of everything else, and all pieces are related.

Finally, a wise person once advised me, “Write your definitions for the words you use,” and this is my definition of spirituality:

Spirituality is organizing life to participate in the co-creation process for the betterment of life and the world.

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