What Would I Say If I Came to Myself for Advice During Challenging Times?

Stay present.  Don’t deny reality, go away, or desensitize. 

Ensure there is structure, ritual, and purpose to your days.

Try seeing yourself and everything going on as part of a living system.

Practice mindfulness.  Everything that exists appears first in your consciousness.

Keep creating the future you want.  Work toward your goals.  Revise short and long-term goals as necessary.

Be as happy as possible, even ecstatic when you can!

Gratefulness is your friend throughout the day and purposefully in the morning and bedtime.

Be gentle and gracious with others as much as humanly possible.

Adapt and accept change when necessary.  You are growing through this.

Feel.  Sit with your feelings and feel your good feelings, too.

Limit reading news and viewing social media.

Find humor and laugh by yourself and with others.

Exercise to build resilience and healing capacity.

Acknowledge your dark side: shame, jealousy, anger, and doubt.  Say, “Hello. There you are. I was wondering where you were. I accept you,” and watch it dissipate.

Connect to loved ones, friends, and associates. Stay connected.

Utilize healthy distractions every day: Games, reading, nature, and sports.

Help others to the extent you can.  Send good juju in every direction.

Listen to your wise teachers: Bruce Springsteen; Bob Dylan; Patti Smith; Nick Lowe; The Rolling Stones; Van Morrison; Joni Mitchell; Tom Petty; Chrissie Hynde; and more recently, Arcade Fire; Car Seat Headrest; and Britanny Howard.

Hope as much as you can and hope again.

Keep asking questions; that’s one of your gifts.  Keep imagining a better future; you’re good at that, too.

Watch events and others with perspective.  Much can be learned during such a time as this.

Know that the divine and universe work in all things for good, even now.

You have been through challenging times and have the skills to manage them again.

This sucks! Accept the absurdity of life.

Hang in there and keep going forward. 


Adapt these to yourself and your situation.  Not everyone, for instance, moves toward uncertainty by asking questions.

Share what you would say if you came to yourself for advice. Please email me at revwendyvie.com.

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